Ssaplam Therapies: Weight Loss Special

Do you need help controlling your weight? Have you tried unsuccessfully in the past to lose excess weight? We may be able to help you. Our Weight Loss Special Package may be the answer you have been looking for. Why is this Weight Loss Special Package so different from other weight loss ideas? It offers you a detailed consultation, full Allergy/Intolerance test covering 110 items, followed up with nutritional advice, plus a clinical hypnotherapy session.

The Allergy/Intolerance will provide you with a list of any foods which could be preventing your weight loss. It includes a test for Candida. From experience we have found that this condition in itself has been one of the main factors in preventing people losing their excess weight. We can give advice as to how to tackle this problem.

During the consultation, we will decide how Paul will help you to reach your weight loss goal with the aid of hypnotherapy. He may help you to resolve any issue which may be affecting your sub-conscious and putting up obstacles to prevent you losing that weight; often we have put up barriers to protect ourselves by keeping on those un-wanted pounds. During the hypnotherapy session, Paul will also give you a boost to your willpower to help you succeed in your weight loss goal, and give you an incentive to include exercise within your weight loss regime.

The Weight Loss Special Package is usually done over two separate sessions, each lasting approximately one hour. Should it be your first visit to us, then please allow extra time for your initial consultation.

The cost for the complete Package is just £110.00 — payable in two instalments if required.


If you value your health and think that we may be able to help you, do not delay; please contact us today.

Paul Malpass IIHHT MICHT VAI & Dip Hyp

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