Ssaplam Therapies: Testimonials and Inspiration

Following Allergy/Intolerance tests for herself and her teenage son and daughter, Mrs C.A. from Lower Penn, Wolverhampton wrote the following:

Finding out what my son was allergic to has been brilliant.

He no longer has prolonged cold symptoms. It is very noticeable if he eats dairy products, pork or bread, as he instantly starts sniffing and blowing his nose. Unfortunately when holidaying abroad they don’t seem to cater for lactose intolerant people.

Thanks to Diane and Paul at Ssaplam.


The following comments were made in 2007 by E.S. from Penn, Wolverhampton:

To Whom it may concern

I have known Diane both as a friend and as a practitioner for three years. We met originally following a fall out of my loft!

Diane came to my house regularly over the next year, and after therapy and support from a very understanding and caring lady - I am once again able to tackle life at 100 miles an hour ...

Bless you Diane x


Following treatments, which included a Kinesiology balance, Ms L.C. from Pendeford Park, Wolverhampton made the following comments:

I have suffered with skin allergies for a number of years now, mostly located over my face. My constant itching has caused the skin on my forhead to look coarse and blotchy.

I also had a lack of confidence which a skin complaint did not help. Along with this I also suffered digestive problems, which caused me to bring up blood.

Not knowing where to turn, I was recommended to Paul and Diane Malpass. As a last resort I gave it a go. I only wished that I had know about you sooner.

I am pleased and thankful to say that my skin is now back to its former radiance, and all the itching has stoped. My digestive problem is now under control, and I have discovered confidence and assertiveness.

Thank you.



Following various treatments, Mrs G.F. from Heath Hayes, Cannock, wrote:

All of the treatments I have received from Paul and Diane Malpass have been competantly and professionally carried out, and more importantly, they have helped me enormously. Don’t really know how I would have managed without the care taken on my back and knee. Could hardly move before the treatment, yet was virtually without pain afterwards. Also, the allergy testing was absolutely “spot on”. Thank you both, you’re great.


The following comments were made by Ms K.L. from Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, who sadly lost both her parents within 11 days, and was understandably overcome with grief:

I lost my mom and dad 11 days apart and found it hard to cope with the pain of my loss. I received one session of hypnosis with Paul following a lengthy chat about my concerns such as not wanting to mask the grief, as I believed I should go through this natural process. I just wanted a way to feel stronger and more in control.

The session was wonderful! I relaxed quickly under the expertise of Paul who was professional and sympathetic. Being able to move on from negative images I’d been unable to shake for months of my mom’s last days and the chance to say “goodbye” to my dad who passed to spirit very suddenly really lifted me. I remember them now as I should and although the pain is still there I feel settled and happy to have “seen” them together again, happy and healthy.

Thank you Paul, the session really helped give me the strength I needed to grieve and is something I will always be grateful for.



Following Kinesiology treatments, these comments were made by Mrs C.C. from Perton, Wolverhampton:

From the moment I arrived I was made to feel relaxed and welcome. Diane’s approach was professional but friendly and I was completely confident in putting myself in her hands. I felt that a lot of care and thought was put into the diagnostic procedures and the information that I was given was clear and easy to understand. If you want to take the matter of your health into your own hands then Paul and Diane are the couple to help you, with their wide range of knowledge and experience I think you can get a really good overview of your body and its needs.



The following comments were made in August 2007 by Mrs B.L. from Walsall:

I have been going to Paul for Reflexology since February 2007 and my treatments are heavenly and have made me a whole new person. Without Paul and Diane I don’t know what I would do. They are exceptional therapists and wonderful people. They truly are angels. I had irregular periods which are now regular after reflexology. I have also had a back massage and Indian Head massage which just makes your body melt. What better way to relax. Give them a bell, they’re the best therapists you’ll find x.


The following comments were made by Mrs S.T., from Cannock, Staffs:

I have known both Diane and Paul for many years now. They have both worked extremely hard in the last few years and I have seen their business flourish and expand into what is now a very professional company offering a wide range of therapies that really do work! Their aromatherapy massages are second to none. I recently tried an Indian Head Massage coupled with a mini stress busting/kinesiology session and was so impressed that I am returning for a full kinesiology session as soon as they can fit me into their tightly packed diary! I am fascinated by the fact that I have felt much more balanced, relaxed, energised and in control of my body even after only a short introduction. I have also found the varied information and advice offered to be extremely helpful and would definitely recommend Ssaplam Therapies to absolutely anyone!

Thank you Diane and Paul for all your help it is very much appreciated - and good luck for the future.


The following comments were made by Miss M.B., from Dudley, West Midlands, in Spring 2010, following her life changing journey:

I first visited Ssaplam Therapies in Spring 2008 — I had been feeling tired all the time, bloated, cramped, drained, with low self esteem, and to top it off stuck in a job I did not really enjoy.

I took the intolerance test and discovered what I was intolerant to. So with the help and support of Diane and Paul (and many new helpful recipes from Diane), I changed my diet. My energy levels increased, I could think better, and felt physically better in myself.

I later had hypnosis for confidence, which was wonderful; also supported by self calming (tapping) techniques, taught to me by them. My life completely changed. I left my job. I now have my own business as a music teacher, which is thriving, and I love life with all its great opportunities.

Now feeling a lot happier and in control of my life, I was able to partake in past life regression, which I had always been interested in. During the sessions with Paul and Diane, I discovered a lot about past lives, and I was able to use the positives in this life. For instance I discovered I was a craftsman working with metal; I researched this subject and experimented. As a result I now teach wire work jewellery craft for a college. I have recently discovered that in my new positive busy lifestyle that art under hypnosis works very well — my new life changes are enabling me to continue exploring this aspect further.

Huge, huge, huge thanks to Paul and Diane. Bless you both. M.B.


The following comments were made by Mr M McL in February 2014:

Dru Yoga has a gentle, real world approach which doesn’t assume that we are all lithe youngsters from central casting. More that we are people of all ages and abilities, carrying problems generated by the wear and tear of life’s action.

Diane has an easy, non judgemental teaching style which automatically welcomes shy and nervous newcomers into her classes. Without your realising it, she is constantly aware of how practice is progressing and faults are corrected not by singling out individuals but rather by issuing reminders to the whole class. Alternative, easier techniques are always demonstrated with the instruction to visualise if you really feel that a particular action is beyond you. With the constant mantra “stretch not strain” there is never the need to injure yourself to achieve beneficial results from her classes.

When I joined the Tuesday night class 12 months ago, I was 52 years old, had a prolapsed (slipped) disc with severe pain manifesting itself in my left leg, I could barely walk or bend and with diabetes and blood pressure problems on top, my health was a real mess. Since then I have started meditation, gone from as many as 12 painkillers per day to none and seen reductions in the other tablets I take. My goal in the next 12 months is to carry on with that progress. Life is beginning to change beyond all recognition.

When I walked into that first class I was shy, embarrassed, a little frightened and convince that my first night would be my last. How wrong! Diane, thanks to you and Paul for making me welcome and allowing me to move forward in my life. See you next Tuesday.

The following comments were made by Ms CG of Willenhall January 2017:

I have been attending Diane’s yoga classes for many years and she is a wonderful instructor and a caring, compassionate and thoughtful person. Her classes are warm, friendly and fun. The way Diane teaches her classes there is a connection between all of the postures and sequences that we do. They are gentle and flowing movements that people of all abilities are able to do. So whether you are a beginner (like I was) or more advanced I think you will gain benefit from attending Diane’s classes on a regular basis, especially physically, in terms of positivity and outlook on life, and emotionally.

I used to suffer from lower back pain and had a slipped disc in my neck but after attending Diane’s yoga classes I can honestly say that my pain from these issues has been reduced by about 80%. I also had another health issue which Diane helped resolve for me (after being under the hospital for a year without success!).

By attending Diane’s yoga classes, my life has changed on a profound basis, one where, not only do I feel healthier I do not get as stressed about things because I have a more balanced outlook, and physically I am far more agile and have less pain.

So why not give it a try?…


The following comments were made by Mrs GD from Norton Canes, Cannock in January 2107:

Nice friendly class. Have done yoga for some time now and when my yoga teacher had to stop due to ill health I found it difficult to find a new class that I liked especially as I could not do day time classes. I had never done Dru yoga but find I enjoy it and feel better for it. I feel Diane puts a lot into organising her classes and gives out print outs which I can keep for future perusal. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a yoga class.


The following comments were made by Mr FS, from Cheslyn Hay in January 2017:

I had never done yoga in my life until a couple of years ago when I took the plunge and joined Diane’s class. I’d always had this, as it turned out, completely wrong misconception that yoga was about needing to be super supple and being able to tie yourself in knots. Nothing could be further from the truth. Diane’s classes are gentle and she emphasises the need to listen to your body and to avoid stressing and straining. Even so, at the end of the class you really feel as though you have had a good session. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to everyone regardless of age, gender or ability. If I can do it as I approach my seventh decade then I’m sure anyone can. I wish I had started many years ago. So, come along and make a difference to your physical and mental health. See you there.


The following comments were made by Mr DM from Bloxwich, Walsall in January 2017:

I have been doing yoga with Diane for about two years and can definitely say that it helps me to relax my mind and body. I do a physically-demanding job, mainly outdoors, and look forward to our weekly classes to ‘recharge my batteries’. The exercises are not strenuous and you do not need to be extra supple to take part. In any event, Diane always emphasises that you should only do as much as you are able to without putting strain on your body. I have noticed though that I have naturally adapted to the exercises anyway without too much effort. And, I can guarantee that after the classes I have no problem sleeping. So, if you want to give yoga a go I can recommend Diane’s friendly and welcoming classes without hesitation.


The following comments were made by Ms PT, from Bloxwich, Walsall in January 2107:

I started yoga with Diane about 5 years ago to help me relax due to a very demanding job. I now no longer do that role but have found my weekly sessions to be essential in maintaining my suppleness and inner strength gained from the relaxation methods taught. I look on my sessions as a necessity and a reward.


Now for a little bit of Inspiration

Amongst this section you will find a selection of writings that we hope will inspire you, or give you food for thought or simply make you smile.


Through the Eyes of a Chimp

I sit here being lonely,with my eyes closed, thinking to myself,
thinking all alone.
You think you’re better than me, but you’re not,
you’re not the only one who feels,
I feel you watching me.
I can’t bear to open my eyes,
because I know you’re there:
I know you’re watching me.

Last night I watched her die.
Did you know she lived in boredom?
Did you know she wanted freedom?
I bet you didn’t know,
I bet you didn’t even care:
My mother cared.

I lived for her, not you,
she was my life, my everything.
That’s why I sit here lonely,
that’s why I just don’t care.

Have you ever lost a loved one?
Then you’ll know just how I feel.
You may think I have no emotions,
just because I can’t talk to you.
But I do have emotions,
I feel like the whole world has come crashing down upon me.
I’m lonely, I’m scared,
and my life is empty.

So next time you come to this wretched place,
and stare at me, as you always do,
try to remember — I feel pain,
and I miss my loved ones too.

by BM aged 11 (1998)


The Three L’s

I have the Three L’s
Do you?
I can give you the Three L’s
Do you want me to?
I can feel the Three L’s
Can you?
We can all share the Three L’s
If you allow yourself to!
Do you know the Three L’s
Love, Laughter and Light.
I gift them all to you
Please pass them on tonight!

by Janice Horsbury (2003)


Being ...

Being ... the sound of laughter of a loved one,
Being ... holding your love so close that your very breaths become one,
Being ... feeling the heartbeat of someone oh so close,
Being ... not having to say the words that you feel, they know ...
Being ... knowing the end of a sentence, before it is spoken,
Being ... silence — at times it is Golden,
Being ... walking together, steps in unison,
Being ... sharing happy times and sad,
Being ... trusting them to be there, no matter what,
Being ... not having to say ‘sorry’,
Being ... loving, laughing, sharing, just being.

By DM (2005)


Sunshine and Rain

The weather for the last few weeks has been very changeable. There has been lots of rain, and spells of bright sunshine. This is real life giving weather. Springtime is so beautiful because of all the growth that takes place. The sun and the rain are the two essential ingredients for the plant life which seems to appear from nowhere. The blossom and the early spring flowers are so attractive. As the plants grow, so do the animals that depend on the plants for their own growth. (And so do the carnivores that feed on the herbivores.) The crux of it is, that we all depend on sunshine and rain for our physical growth.

Of course we need the same ingredients for the development of our emotional/mental/spiritual self. Every experience we ever have is a combination of sun and rain. The more we go through the more we grow. We might prefer sunshine but we all need the rainy times in order to fully appreciate and understand the light and warmth of the sun. Without rain we remain stunted and immature.

The difference between the physical weather and our emotional weather is that we are all able to choose how we grow from our life experiences. Every experience can turn is into a more balanced and fully developed person. Into a more beautiful person. It is up to each of us to channel our sun and rain.

So when we hit a spot of rain, however heavy it might be, we should not feel weak and bitter about what went wrong, or insecure and vulnerable because of what might or might not happen. Instead we can use the water to turn us into a sunnier, more positive, and stronger person — a person we could never become without passing through that storm.

by IR (2004)


Sanctuary (A Vision)

Where the blackbirds rest
And rabbits retreat,
Where dolphins dance
In the summer heat,
Where horse tales sway
And owls fly by,
Where the mighty oak
Towers high.
Through rain or shine,
And autumn breeze,
Lush green hills
And windswept trees,
The sanctuary stands
Bathed in peace and light,
In universal love
And the Angels’ sight.

by Kerry Ann Lewis (2003)


The Goose Story

autumn, when
you see Geese
heading South for
the Winter, flying along
in V formation, you might
consider what science has dis-
covered as to why they fly that way:
as each bird flaps its wings, it creates an
uplift for the bird immediately following. By
flying the V formation the whole flock adds at least
71% greater flying range that if each bird flew on its own.
People who share a common direction and sense of community
can get where they are going more quickly and easily
because they are travelling on the thrust of one another.
a goose falls
out of formation,
it suddenly feels the drag
and resistance of trying to go it alone
and quickly gets back into formation to take
advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front.
If we have as much sense as a goose,
we will stay in formation
with those who are headed the same way we are.
the Head Goose
gets tired, it rotates back
in the wing and another goose flies point.
It is sensible to take turns doing demanding jobs
with people or with geese flying South.
honk from behind to
encourage those up front to keep up their speed.
What do we say when we honk from behind?
and this is important,
when a goose gets sick, or is
wounded by gunshots and falls out
of formation, two other geese fall out with that
goose and follow it down to lend help and protection.
They stay with the fallen goose until it is able to fly, or until
it dies. Only then do they launch out on their own, or with another formation
to catch up with their group.

Author unknown


A Smile...

A smile costs nothing but gives much.

It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give.

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.

None is so rich or mighty that he cannot get along without it,

and none is so poor that he cannot be made rich by it.

Yet a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen,

for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give you a smile.

Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much

as he who has no more to give.

Author unknown


Follow your Dreams

Have faith in yourself

and reach for the sky,

aim for the stars not matter how high.

Just follow your dreams,

they’re all waiting for you,

and you are the one

who can make them come true.

Author unknown