Ssaplam Therapies: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy which takes into consideration the Mind, Body and Spirit of the individual. It is an ancient art of healing and soothing through the use and diffusion of essential oils. These oils are substances extracted from the ‘life-force’ of various petals, fruit, twigs, leaves and seeds of plants and trees.

Each essential oil has particular qualities which are chosen, and often blended with other oils, to suit each individual person’s needs.

Following a detailed consultation, the oils are chosen and blended, and used in a “carrier” oil. They are then applied to the skin by the therapist’s hands through a variety of movements. The oils then penetrate through the skin and ultimately have an effect on the blood, lymph, muscles and other tissues.

The essential oils should be allowed to remain on the body for at least 24 hours before showering or bathing to allow the full benefit to take effect.

Aromatherapy can help stimulate the immune system, and thus help to combat infections; on an emotional level it is useful to reduce stress, anxiety, mild depression, grief, tension headaches, etc. It can aid digestion, optimise the respiratory system, helping with sinusitis, tonsillitis, sore throats, etc. It can ease muscular aches and pains; it is helpful in cases of hormonal imbalance, such as PMS and menopausal problems; it can help regulate blood pressure; it is excellent for skincare; and much, much more.

All of the products we use are sourced from cruelty-free companies, who do not test any of their products on animals. Therefore all our treatments are suitable for everyone.

A full body massage would cover the back, back of legs and feet, scalp, face, arms, abdomen, front of legs and finishing on the feet. The cost of a full body massage, lasting approximately 45 minutes, would be just £35.00.

A part body (back) massage, lasting approximately 20 minutes, would cost just £25.00.

In addition to the standard aromatherapy essential oils massage, we now offer a warm wax massage, using Soybean Massage Candle oils, incorporating a blend of the finest natural waxes and pure essential oils. For this luxurious massage, the cost is just £40.00 for the full body treatment (as above), or £30.00 for the part body (back, or legs/feet or arms/hands).


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