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The need for Food Intolerance and Allergy testing is becoming increasingly essential. The problems caused can potentially be a serious health issue for many people, particularly children, in today’s modern world. Allergies, food & environmental intolerances and sensitivities may contribute to conditions such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome; digestive problems like nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, indigestion, wind, etc; food cravings; weight problems; fluid retention; PMS; depression; anxiety; tension; sleep problems; fatigue; suddenly feeling weak; lack of energy; constant tiredness; sinus pain; rhinitis; runny itchy nose; watery or itchy eyes; catarrh; coughing; sneezing; wheezing; breathlessness; palpitations; chest pains; headaches; migraines; skin rashes or irritations; urticaria (hives); eczema; arthritic pain; back ache; insomnia; or muscle or joint aches and pains. Allergy/Intolerance testing will provide relief for the sufferer by identifying the offending allergen.

The full test takes approximately an hour. However, the inital consultation usually takes 30 minutes. Therefore if both the consultation and test are required on the first visit please allow approximately an hour and a half for the session. The full test covers just over 100 items, including a check for Candida, a condition which in itself can result in many health problems — please refer to the ► Candida section for further information. The cost of a full 110 item test is just £60.00. Full supporting information and advice are included. A follow-up test is recommended six to eight weeks later; the cost for this follow up test is just £35.00. Mini “taster” tests are also available at a cost of just £1.00 per item, usually testing a minimum of 15 items. E.g., a test covering 15 items: cows’ milk, lactose, wheat, gluten, egg yolk, egg white, soy bean meal, chocolate, coffee, tea, yeast, nuts, Candida, plus two items of your own choice, costs just £15.00. We provide testing for foods, common vitamins and minerals, common allergens such as pollens, dusts, hairs and epithelials, moulds & bacteria and food colourings (E numbers). Testing for Vitamin and Minerals deficiencies, E-numbers, dusts, pollens etc, are available at a cost of just £30.00 per test. We are also able to offer desensitisation of the common allergens, such as hayfever like symptoms, via the Mora Unit; following the allergen test where we identify the probable allergen, we can then run a programme through the unit, whilst the patient holds a probe connected to the unit and up to three allegens per session. The allergen properties are then inverted and run back through the person via the unit, and drops are produced to take to providing relief of symptoms. Up to three sessions of desensitisation may be required to provide full relief of symptoms, following the initial session. Subsequent sessions cost £10.00 each.


The testing method is within the field of Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine (BER). The equipment used is the German-made Mora RM10S. This does not involve any invasive techniques such as taking blood samples or skin-prick methods. An electrode is held by the client and the unit is set to their individual body requirements. The therapist then electronically measures the sensitivity to the substance being tested by touching specific acupuncture points on the fingers (or toes) with a measuring tip. An ampoule of the tested substance is placed in a “honeycomb”, and depending upon the variation in the readings, an indication is made as to whether or not there is sensitivity to that item. Recommendations are then made as to how to help modify the diet accordingly, with detailed supporting information provided.

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